Management support

Our Management support zooms in on the needs of our customers; we can approach any specific field of management. For example have we, successfully made effective job descriptions for one of clients and trained the HR Manager to work and learn to take over the initial work we did.             […]

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Research is seen as the base for our other products but we frequently conduct research for our clients if they want to find out something about their market. Our research feed directly in on customer needs in policy of the organization.                     < back to home

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Management training

Training in management can be a basic course for students with theoretical and practical aspects. Our training courses could also be given specified to the needs of the target group in advanced aspects of management                 < back to home

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Management support for the health sector:

These services include management consulting specified on the peculiarities of the setting in health care like for instance; security officers in hospitals need to be aware of the fact that a patient visiting a hospital is not there out of free will. He or she needs to be there because of their health situation so […]

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